High-cavitation, High-efficiency and High-precision Molds

Ideally located at China’s mold hometown, Gongdong enjoys the advantages arising from industry clustering and in resource allocation. Based on these location-specific advantages and our unique technologies developed during our long-term operations in the medical products and lab consumables industries, we adopt a customization- and quality-oriented approach to develop and upgrade our capacity to manufacture high-cavitation, multi-cavity, short-period, high-efficiency and high-precision plastic injection molds . Upholding our culture of “high quality, high efficiency, common development and shared prosperity”, we strive to achieve our aspirations of giving back and benefit sharing with our clients through technological innovations and advances.

Since 1985, we have produced over 5,000 sets of plastic injection molds of various types and series to support the operation of some 250 injection molding and one-step blow molding machines in our workshops. Supported by these machines, we provide our clients with one-stop services of family mold and separated mold. We have so far patented over 30 inventions, and utility models for products and molds.

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