Item NoSpecificationQuantity(pcs)Measurement(cm)
GDNM005AMicro Collection Tube(High Type) ,plain,0.5ml120045*36*19cm
GDNM005CAMicro Collection Tube(High Type) ,Clot activator,0.5ml120045*36*19cm
GDNM005EK3Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,EDTA K3,0.5ml120045*36*19cm
GDNM005EK2Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,EDTA K2,0.5ml120045*36*19cm
GDNM005LHMicro Collection Tube(High Type) ,Heparin Lithium,0.5ml120045*36*19cm
GDNM005SGCMicro Collection Tube(High Type) ,Gel+Clot activator,0.5ml120045*36*19cm
GDNM005SFHMicro Collection Tube(High Type) ,Glucose(Heparin  sodium/sodium Fluoride),0.5ml120045*36*19cm

We specialize in the development and production of disposable medical devices, and medical testing supplies.

We will redouble our efforts to strive for excellence in our technologies and to improve our services. We will also develop products of higher quality to contribute more to improving human health.

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