Blood Collection Tubes

gongdong blood collection tubes allow ease-of-use and help to ensure a quality blood sample is collected.

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Blood Collection Tubes Contains buffered 3.2% solution Sodium Citrate as anticoagulant. Available in 13 x 75 with 2.7 mL volume draw and 10.25 x .

The inner wall of the blood collection tube is ultrasonically cleaned and treated with a special process, which is close to the characteristics of the blood vessel wall of the human body, so that the platelet activity is in a moderate state, the blood coagulation process is smooth, the blood clot is normal, and the competitive adsorption process of the protein is fully suppressed, thereby providing sufficient for clinical testing Measure uncontaminated serum samples.

Collection and preservation of blood specimens for medical tests such as biochemistry, immunology, trace element detection, and various types of virus detection

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