Vacuum blood collection tubes,Clot Activator, PET/Glass

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  • 100pcs/rack *12racks=1200pcs/carton

Pro-coagulation Tube aims to obtain serum specimen, which is used for biochemistry and immunology tests. The interior wall is finely coated with coagulant which may promote the blood coagulation after collection. The appropriate amount of coagulant make blood coagulation in a relatively short time, avoiding potential hemolysis problem which caused by too rapid clotting. Finally, transparent serum can be separated after centrifugation.

Item No.SpecificationQuantity(Pcs)Measurement(cm)
GD030CARed Cap,Clot Activator,13×75mm,3ml120048×38×20
GD050CARed Cap,Clot Activator,13×75mm,5ml120048×38×20
GD070CARed Cap,Clot Activator,13×100mm,7ml120048×38×25
GD0100CARClot Activator,with stopper,16×100mm,10ml80053×42×24
GD0100CARed Cap,Clot Activator,16×100mm,10ml80053×42×24

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