Running a
successful business
since 1985

Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Plastics Factory) was established in 1985 in Huangyan, Taizhou, an economically developed city.

We specialize in the development and production of disposable medical devices, and medical testing supplies. With continuous efforts over the past 30 years, we have become a renowned Chinese enterprise in the field medical consumables and lab supplies, also as a director of the China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI). Upholding the idea of promoting medical care, we have been making great efforts to continuously provide high-tech, safe, and effective medical products in the industry based on our own strengths and technological innovations. As a frontrunner in China’s medical consumables and lab supplies industry, we offer more than 500 types of products in three major categories.

Since 2001, in order to stay current with the market trends and in pursuit of long-lasting development, we have begun to expand into international medical markets after obtaining ISO international certificate and EC Certificate. Thanks to a strong brand built over the years and diligent efforts paid to expand markets in the past few years, we have made great achievements in international markets, especially in the developed markets such as the United States and Japan where our disposable vaginal speculum and petri dishes are widely recognized by our clients.

Gongdong has established strategic partnerships with the leading health-care companies on the Fortune Global 500 list and developed strong cooperation with globally recognized companies in gene and life sciences through a rigorous validation process, which provides us with the opportunities to tap into the cutting-edge sciences field. In the context of the stable and sustained development of the world economy and Chinese economy, the demand for medical and health care is growing, which drives the development of medical research diagnosis, and consumables industries. Gongdong has sustained the momentum of steady sales growth in recent years and kept leading Chinese medical device and disposable market. Despite the priority given to achievements, we also attach great importance to human resources and thus develop our talent and teams based on an employee-centered approach. Our culture of “high quality, high efficiency, common development, and shared prosperity” has been deeply rooted in our employees’ mind.

We will redouble our efforts to strive for excellence in our technologies and to improve our services. We will also develop products of higher quality to contribute more to improving human health.

Powerful hardware facilities
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