Hello everyone, we have listed FAQs as many as possible which are often questioned by clients. You may input keyword to search your interested topics. If you don’t find the interested topics, we will advise you to click left column ”shooting of problem”, finding your answers further.

First : Our product is in standard quality and reasonable price.

Second: We have made medical products for many years

Yes,of course .welcome to visit our factory.

The minimum quantity depend on the product which you buy, we also welcome to place an trial order.

We pack the goods in standard export carton or according to your requirement.

1)Worldwide shipping will be okay

2) Our shipment time is 25-30days , but the accurate time are based on your quantity and requirements on the item.

3) We can delivery by sea

4)FOB, CIF all will be accepted in our company

5)Before delivery ,every one will be inspected by our factory Q.C, and do best to ensure that every one will be good condition before shipment.

If you cannot find related answers for your questions from the above, you may fill below forms with your problems which will be answered soon.

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